Kapua De-Ramos the most positive and inspiring personalities I have come across in my
lifetime.  She is an Overall Champion of the 2014 Paradise Cup Body Building
Championships as well as her Class Champion.

I have asked her to offer players personal training, group training, basic weighting
classes familiarize them with strength training.  Once she has gotten the chance to work
with the players she can provide online personal training for you to follow, customized
workout programs but most of all she is the continuous guidance and support for
strength training that our players have been lacking before college.

Strength training for soccer is an important step towards becoming an advanced soccer
player, and an all-around complete athlete.  Soccer players who incorporate it into their
year-round workout program improve their overall performance.
Kapua De Ramos
Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one else can see but you.